My Info






So you wanna know moar about myself? What to say, I’m just a guy that started watching anime in the long lost 2010, started reading manga in 2012 since i had nothing better to do while the world was ending, and discovered light novels a year later, since then I fell in love with almost every work, I do not insult the works of mangaka, artists or writers, just review them and give ya my piece of info on the topic, as simple as that 😉


Aside from that,  I’m 21 as of right now, born in 1996, studied IT in high school, and working in the evening while going to uni in the mornings, my life is pretty much, anime, manga, light novels, gaming (RPG), League of Legends and goin out with friends, don’t ask how I can do all of that and remain sane, cause I ain’t hahaha now go read something and stop boring yourself with me!


TL;DR, this is me basically.