It’s combat continent time!: Douluo Dalu 1

After this long Monday I finally get to write something (I was making a site for a certain buyer) that I like 😅 Douluo Dalu, in between web novels I think this is one of the longest I read, not even Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is so freaking long 😂 but still despite its lenght this …

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¡Web Novel time! : Arifureta

Alright a little bit of a preview, if you like gore, action, some ecchi moments and OP characters in a web novel this is what you're looking for. Arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou, Arifureta for short, from author Chuuni Suki 😏, is about a normal guy that gets summoned to another world but gets a …

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